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Homeowner says security system failed her four times

Published On: Aug 06 2014 09:02:00 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 07 2014 07:17:16 PM CDT

She says she never heard from the company and police never arrived.

Republic, Mo -

It's supposed to provide peace of mind, but an Ozarks woman says her home security system failed her. Not once, but four times.

For the last decade, she has paid thousands of dollars for one of the most well known home security systems. Thankfully, a real emergency never happened.

However, multiple times, she says, her security alarm went off and she never heard from ADT. Police didn't arrive.

"What if it was a murder or rapist? We would have been toast," said Lynn. Lynn, who has asked KY3 News not to use her last name, is moving into a new house. For years ADT was her security system. But the new home, won't have the sign.

"One of our children, my husband or my son had breached the security system. Our house is long. We went out the front door. We could not hear the alarm go off. So we are out on the front porch having our cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. We went back in minutes later and realizing as we got closer to the kitchen, the alarm was going off," she said.

Lynn believes her alarm went off for several minutes.

"No one called and I told my son go to the front door. I'm sure the police are going to be here any minute. That never happened," she said.

During another false alarm, she finally got a call, but not from a real ADT person.

"It was something like, press one if you'd like to speak to an ADT representative. Press two if you feel your life was in jeopardy. I thought oh my gosh, if a murder or rapist is going to come into the home --- before he rapes me, I need to say can you hold on just a second?" she asked.

We reached out to ADT and they tell us they're investigating this particular case.

ADT statement:

From our records, it appears that this is a case of the customer disarming the system before a signal was transmitted, which could happen if an alarm is inadvertently set off by the customer and then quickly disarmed. In the case of an emergency, and the customer not disarming their system, a signal would have been transmitted to an ADT 24/7 monitoring center for immediate attention, including an attempt to reach the customer by phone, followed by proper dispatch of authorities.

 In regards to the automated call, if an alarm is triggered and the signal is sent, followed by the panel being disarmed, ADT will push out a courtesy follow up message to ensure that there is no real emergency in the home. In this case, the system worked as designed in order to prevent a false alarm and dispatch of local officials in the event of a non-emergency. However, at the customer’s preference, we have removed this feature from the account.

It is important to note that in the event a system is triggered at any point and is not disarmed, ADT will attempt to call the homeowner, and if no response if received, will dispatch the authorities.