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Having a safe New Years Eve

Published On: Dec 30 2013 07:19:03 AM CST   Updated On: Dec 30 2013 07:33:22 AM CST

Many are looking forward to a good time on New Year's Eve, however Springfield police are reminding people how quickly that fun can turn ugly.


While New Years Eve can be very fun, it can also be dangerous. On average the department has about 1,400 DWI arrests in Springfield City limits every year. Last year on New Years Eve a total of 9 people we arrested. Captain Ben King says your best bet, is finding a sober driver.

"Have a designated driver that's always the best thing, if that's not available cab companies the problem we have with cab companies is that there are so many cabs and at one point they are pretty well taken and so that's where people start loosing their patience while waiting for a cab and trying to get a cab so they tend to take the bad choice and decide to go ahead and drive" says Captain King.

On any given night the department has about 40 to 50 officers working and on special holidays like New Years Eve that number increased. The message that they are trying to get out there is that drinking and driving is wrong and that not only could you go to jail, but you could possibly hurt someone.

"Jail time, obviously loss of driving privileges , loss of your job possibly especially if you loose your drivers license and your job requires you to drive, that's a posibility for you as well and then just the financial cost and time out of work to deal with your court case so it's extremely time consuming and very expensive" says King.

Captain King as well as the rest of the department want everyone to know, that if you drink and drive, you will loose.

Safe Ride will be available as well as Yellow Cab. If specific bars call in and ask for a cab for you, that ride home might just be free.