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Greene County sends out new voter ID cards

Published On: Mar 29 2014 11:40:33 AM CDT

The Greene County Clerk is sending a little red, white and blue to your mailbox. Registered Greene County voters are receiving new Voter ID cards.

County Clerk Richard Struckhoff says, “We’re hoping the patriotic theme will help the new cards get noticed.”  The biennial mailing is required by state law to help keep voter registration rolls current.  The ID card lists important information such as your polling place location, ward or township, and your
legislative, senate, and school district.  More importantly, these cards can be used by voters for identification at the polls.

The voters in one precinct, 3rd N Campbell-A, will notice a change in their polling place.  This information will be highlighted in red. Struckhoff encourages voters to check their card to be sure all the information is correct and to keep the ID in their wallet.  

Voters who have registered by mail and haven’t yet cast a ballot in person will get a similar postcard with instructions to bring an additional form of ID to the polls.  Acceptable forms of ID are listed on the card.