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Governing gardens: Fremont Hills mulls ordinance limiting number, size of gardens

Published On: Aug 06 2014 09:52:25 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 17 2014 11:09:57 PM CDT

KY3's Mike Landis explains changes to how community can garden.


Juliah Tiedemann put a lot of heart and soul into making her backyard garden look beautiful.

“We enjoy doing this as a family,” she said.  “Not only have we spent a lot of time on this, we have spent lot of money in this, too.”

Her multiple plant plots include fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

But, the future of her Fremont Hills yard may not rosy.  Some leaders of the City of Fremont Hills are proposing changes when it comes to what kinds of plants and gardens people can grow.

“It is a big concern for us because this is what we like to do, and we don’t want a government entity or the city to really what to do in our own backyard and we can do as a family,” Tiedemann explained.

“It is such a great place to live. And it seems all of the sudden we are getting stuck on something that gets at the very core of our rights as American citizens,” said resident Trish Ayres.

The proposed ordinance outlines rules for keeping lawns and trees looking nice. But, it also limits how many gardens a person can grow, and how big.

“I feel like things are getting out of hand,” Tiedemann said.  “I mean, what is next?  Do they get to come in and inspect what color we paint our walls?”

Gardens would be limited to 10% of a backyard.  Also under the proposed ban would be the growing of any vegetables, fruits, and herbs in any kind of containers, such as pots.

“I don’t necessarily want to tell somebody what species of flower to plant,” said Mayor Tom Tobin.  “But I do want to make sure they keep their property up to the standard I keep mine up.  “

Mayor Tom Tobin says it’s all about creating a standard to keep the town looking nice.

“Landscaping is really one of the things we like to see everyone improve their property. Certainly you want to have some sort of controls,” Tobin stated.

The mayor explained this is the just the beginning of the process, and there will be several public meetings on the issue before leaders make a decision.

Juliah just doesn’t want to see her garden go.

“You just do not know where this is going to end. And I think that should be a concern for every citizen”