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Free Electronic Recycling

Published On: Oct 15 2013 05:21:54 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 15 2013 06:23:20 PM CDT

Complete Electronics Recycling is now offering cash for some used electronics


Complete Electronics Recycling has been collecting old electronics for free or at minimum cost, but now they're looking to pay you for old or even broken electronics. About 6 months ago David Kramer opened the business.

"Laptops, old laptops, we're able to buy any type of laptop, working or not" says Kramer.

Now he's starting to offer cash for used or unwanted products.

"About $5 to $10 dollars is the average, it's not uncommon for people to leave with 20 to 30 dollars, had a few people who have made a couple hundred dollars, they brought in truck loads of PC's, so if you're a business or a school looking to safely get rid of some of your old equipment, we'd be a good place for that" says Kramer.

Returning customer Karen Clement says she loves that the shop is close to where she lives and that they offer cash for some items.

"Some of the old items they will actually pay patrons for which in this economy everyone can use a little extra money" says Clement.

Kramer's business offers to buy things like PC's , DVD players, laptops and cell phones, he also takes vacuum cleaners, scanners and air conditioners free of charge.

"We're able to recycle a lot of items including miscellaneous electronics, old CD players, that sort of thing" says Kramer.

If you have any tube TV's or computer monitors you're going to have to pay between $15 and $20 dollars to have those recycled, but that's a reason why the business says they're willing to give you money to help offset the expenses.

"It is one of the few items we have to charge for but the average TV has average 5 to 10 pounds of lead oxide in it, so it's important to recycle it keeping it out of our landfills and out of the water" says Kramer.

Other local businesses in town including Office Equipment Recycling and Computer Recycling Center also charge for the older TV's and computer monitors. However all three businesses do accept most items free of charge.