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Engineers evaluate safety of Mountain Home gym under weight of ice on roof

Published On: Dec 12 2013 06:32:39 PM CST

Crews say snow and ice are too heavy on roof of gym and cafeteria.


Other roofs have buckled and given way under the weight of the snow and ice.  Mountain Home High School is trying not to be added to that list.

Crews spent Thursday chipping away at the ice in the gutters, trying to make a way for it to drain off.  

Administrators say they were concerned the roof might have been weakening on Monday -- after basketball players noticed the goals seemed lower than they are supposed to be.  All of sudden, some of the guys who couldn't dunk a basket ball before -- suddenly could.  

After coaches measured the goals, they found the goals were sagging by about 3 inches.

"A lot of times you can look at those connections and see if that paint has cracked, or if there has been any separation.  Obviously, there is no strength in paint, so if anything gets separated, that paint would be the first thing to show it and we've not seen any signs of that in any of the connections.  We expect that once the ice and the snow and the load that is up on the roof, once it melts and runs off, we expect that everything will be brought back up into place which is what we're anticipating," said structural engineer Ben Strider.

The weight of snow has also caused some docks in the area to sink.  It also brought down the roof of a storage building at Meek's Lumber in Mountain Home.