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Celebrate the Ozarks: Eureka Springs gets nickname from many hills, steps

Published On: Oct 01 2013 05:10:25 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 03 2013 02:04:50 PM CDT

Eureka Springs sometimes is called the Little Switzerland of the Ozarks.

Eureka Springs, Ark. (video essay by photojournalist Thomas Leonard, KY3 News) -

Basically we're in a valley on very steep, rocky hill sides. to get from one level of street to the next, they built sets of stairs.  And that's why we're called the stairstep town because every place you go in eureka is up one way or another. it's an 1880 town. we still have a lot of buildings from the late 1880s. when re rebuilt, they rebuilt with stone. we're still using a large number of those stone buildings and wood buildings. we don't have any streets that cross at exact right angles. some of them appear to be but they are not exact. we have basically the lop is one street winding up the mountain. we have five levels of streets, but they are all essentially the same street. but there's a lot of ambiance that was here originally that is still here. no street lights. we are proud of that. we don't have that many stop signs. so we just encourage people when they come to town to be very aware that they are driving in an unusual place. a lot of people have always considered eureka springs very magical. and it still is in a great many ways. it's just not your typical tourist town. we invite everyone. we have a lot of diversity here.