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Branson burglary caught on camera

Published On: Dec 24 2013 12:10:30 PM CST   Updated On: Oct 25 2013 10:16:49 PM CDT

A Branson barbeque joint is burglarized for the fourth time since May. The fed up owners put up security cameras and are hoping the video they captured will help capture the thieves.

BRANSON, Mo. -- -

"Robbing makes ya thirsty...got to have a doctor pepper" says Sandy Wilkinson.

Although a stolen Dr. Pepper is the least of their worries, Bobby Jacks owners Duane and Sandy Wilkinson are tired of having their barbeque joint broken into. Last Sunday was the fourth time since May.

"He's just came in the side door, he's broken in, he's going into the waitress area there, there's really nothing there but he doesn't know it, but you can still see that he has his crow bar and stuff in his hand" says Sandy.

More than $6 thousand dollars worth of everything from barbeque, to broken doors and cash registers, to money from the til has been taken.

"We have a very good description of the truck, the get away vehicle and it's a very recognizable truck, it's nothing that blends in, I would know it anywhere, so we got it on video also and when they guy came back in the back stairs he forgot to put his mask on, so we did get a face shot" says Duane.

One of the most frustrating things for the family is that this has happened several times within the last year, but this time luckily they got it all on camera, although the suspect is still at large.

"It's frustrating to know that somebody knows that face and that no one has came forward yet and I'm really hoping that they do" says Sandy. "I don't wish bad things on anybody, I really don't I try to forgive the best I can, but I would like what was taken from me and i don't want people like that out walking around to do this to other places, or me again" says Duane.

Branson Police say the investigation is still on going but the family says, they're hopeful the public can help identify the suspect, before he breaks into another business and steals again.