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Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving

Published On: Nov 28 2013 04:37:27 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 28 2013 05:18:26 PM CST

While some are enjoying their Thanksgiving at home eating Turkey dinners, others are braving the cold temperatures and waiting in line and starting their shopping even earlier this year.


While some wait for those Black Friday deals early Friday morning, others have been shopping since early this morning.

"I got here at 1:40 yesterday, yesterday afternoon and I'm number 2 in line" says Trey Bullony who stood outside Best Buy. Chris Stockdale and Cody Hubbard followed him in line, "we are here for two free Galaxy S4's, been here since 3 o'clock this morning, we're 4th and 5th in line."

If you're not a fan of waiting in line early Friday morning, this year stores have another alternative for you. Shopping on Thanksgiving.

Places like Kmart and the Bass Pro Center opened up between 6 and 8 this morning. While other places like Best Buy and Toys-R-Us, don't open until this evening.

"I've been here three years now and this is the best year so far becuase I get to sit in the front seat," says Brandon Garrett who has been waiting outside Toys-R-Us since early this morning. Amanda Hayden sat right behind him in her camping chair. "I've been coming to Toys-R-Us for the last four years, but I've been doing black Friday shopping with my mother for the last ten years. But I actually don't really need much here this year, I'm just here to shop for my mother, she has 19 grandkids" says Hayden.

Hayden says that to her it's worth it to brave the cold and sit outside waiting for the best deals of the season. But while some are excited about getting their shopping done early, others will shop but feel bad for those that have to work.

"I wish they wouldn't do it on Thanksgiving because I just feel bad for the people who have to work it so I'd wish they would go back to doing it all on Friday" says Hayden. Garrett disagrees, "I like it better now because it's a lot earlier and I can actually have Thanksgiving with my family."

"Although I'm out here and it's nice for the people that need to buy this stuff, it kind of makes me sad the people have to work, but it's good though, they are having a lot of good sales" says Sandy and Anna Furyk.

All of the shoppers we spoke with today say they can agree on one thing, that they are thankful for the deals.

For a list of stores open today;

Best Buy: 6pm-Midnight

Battlefield Mall: 8pm-Midnight

Kmart: 6am-Midnight

Branson Landing: List of shop openings

Toys R Us: 5pm

Target: 8pm-Midnight

Walmart SuperCenter: Open All day Thanksgiving

Kohl's: 8pm-Midnight

Bass Pro Shops: 7am-8pm

Office Depot: 8pm-11pm

Staples: 8pm-Midnight

Tanger Outlets: 10pm-

Osage Premium Outlets: As early as 8pm